Stylist Training

With over ten years of experience in colour, shape and style, I now teach women who want to become a stylist and transform their lives – and the lives of others. Are you ready to become a stylist?

For the woman who longs to become a stylist but wishes to work as a free spirit

Do you dare to believe you might become a colour consultant and stylist one day?

Are you teetering on the brink of a new career?

  • at a point in life when you’re ready for a change in direction; a new, exciting adventure
  • on a voyage of self-discovery; looking for purpose perhaps?
  • feeling that life is short; time to make the leap
  • wanting to make your difference in your world
  • looking for freedom – to build your work around life!
  • yearning to work in an industry you feel passionate about; feel alive
  • to be independent, free to work ‘outside’ the box
  • to be the free spirit you’ve been dreaming of

Colour analysis and personal style training

Ten Years in the Making

After almost a decade in this glorious industry, it really has been a completely natural and organic progression to start training those who wish to become a stylist themselves. I was simply asked if I was prepared to teach Colour, Shape and Style Analysis by an aspiring stylist; I was ready and it happened!

The training I offer is independent of any franchise or licence agreement – you are free to use your new found knowledge in a way that suits you and your clients.

My teaching approach provides a safe, nurturing space to learn and grow in confidence and takes place at my home in Fareham, Hampshire – just half an hour from Southampton airport or remotely via online learning or a mix of both. Those travelling distance are welcome to stay here with me at no additional cost. I have a guest room for this very purpose.

Is Becoming a Stylist for You?

It is a challenge to know what the next step is for you, but from my experience it is the best decision I ever made. Here were some of my queries before taking the plunge…

I can only speak for my own views and my own experience, of course, but here goes:

Could I? Could I actually do this work? Do I have the confidence?

Personally, I was never the fashionista, never the person who was born with style. Everything I know today about dressing with style has been learned and, in that learning and my own transformation, came the confidence.

The truth is, this work is less about us as the stylist, the colour consultant, whatever we choose to call ourselves. It’s everything about the client, the woman who is seeking her own transformation and when, as the stylist, we focus on her and her needs, our own insecurities simply fall away.

Changing direction always carries risk – or excitement, whichever way you choose to look at it! Faced with this potential risk I asked myself:

  • What’s the worst that could happen? If it doesn’t work out as planned is it still something I’d love to do?
  • Is it a process I’d enjoy regardless? Regardless of the outcome am I ready to move from ‘where I am now’ anyway?
  • What have I got to ‘lose’?
  • What might I have to gain?

I knew I wanted to do this work – I simply needed to work out how to go about it.

My ‘how’ was to train alongside my existing job.

As I started to gain clients, I reduced the days I worked at my ‘day job’ gradually, until I was at a point where, financially, I could afford to take the final leap of faith.

It felt scary AND exciting; mainly exciting!

I used to ask this question: ‘Is this work a bit frivolous?’ Frivolous because I’d actually enjoy it! Frivolous compared with ‘proper’ jobs!

These days I come back to the client and her transformation – transforming lives is far from frivolous!

Yes! Yes, you can earn money doing something you love!

If you LOVE the subject, are passionate about transforming lives and, with help and suggestions, are prepared to promote your work there is definitely a living to be made in this glorious industry.

The truth is not everyone ‘gets’ this work! To me, this no longer matters.

I know, without doubt and with confidence, colour and style changes lives.

It’s transformational. No question.

This was a biggie for me!

It’s so easy to look around and compare ourselves – there will always be others who are more stylish in our eyes!

The truth is we all have our own personal dress style, a unique expression of ourselves as an individual. Clients will either be attracted to work with us as that individual, or not – I believe, on the whole, like attracts like.

A client will fundamentally seek help from someone she can relate to; feels comfortable with. Someone who is real, has an authentic style of her own and shops in real, everyday places. Someone who will fundamentally show her how to achieve the realistic, day-in-day-out wardrobe she cannot achieve herself.

I whole heartedly believe there is space for all ages in this profession.

Like, simply, attracts like. Women of all ages lose their way in terms of dressing; changing shape, changing circumstances, lack of confidence. Age is but a word.

These are questions that I became bogged down with too early in the process if I’m being honest, why I share what worked for me as part of my training process and why I offer extended business mentoring for those that feel they need or want it.

Essentially, your energy and enthusiasm for your work attracts your future clients; the rest can be learned

It may be, that by now, you will be well on your way to reaching your own conclusion as to whether becoming a stylist is for you – or otherwise.

If you’re on the fence, need confirmation or reassurance I would love to help you decide – sometimes, simply ruling something out can bring you a step closer to what IS meant for you. Get in touch using the form below or call 01329 667308 to discuss your future as a stylist!

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