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Jane intuitively guides & supports those in search happiness

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In search of HAPPINESS

I remember feeling that I ought to know what would make me truly happy.


The truth was that I didn’t – I just knew I wasn’t; truly happy, that is.


I share my own personal journey with clients – how I found true happiness, my life’s passions, my life purpose and how I started designing a life that brings real and lasting meaning and happiness.


It just so happened that part of my life’s purpose is to support others through a similar journey, which is why I’m here and why you’re reading this!


I believe the search for clarity & ultimate happiness, new found confidence and the courage to bring about change, starts with rediscovering who you are & what you desire at this phase of your life; often lost under layers of life’s experiences & challenges and often feels elusive .


We work together to create a way forward; a clear path to happiness and a plan & strategies to keep you there!


COACHING & MENTORING is different to counselling – it moves you forward in life, rather than looking back.


I trained with Dawn Breslin of the Harmonizing Academy in Edinburgh, a highly respected coach herself, whose approach is also taught to students of The Coaching Academy.

I help & support those who may be feeling:

  • the loss of who they used to be
  • an overall sense that something is missing in life
  • an overwhelming feeling that there must be more to life than this
  • hard done by – constantly comparing themselves to others; even jealous
  • a real sense of guilt: having ‘so much’, yet feeling unfulfilled
  • a sense that life is passing them by, a fear of missing out
  • stuck – in a dead-end job, in a dead-end relationship, in outgrown friendships
  • bored, stressed or lost in a lifestyle that no longer brings happiness
  • disappointment with how life has turned out for them
  • it’s time to move on – looking for a change, transformation and happiness
  • a lack of clarity; what’s the next step?
  • a lack of confidence

Are you ready to explore new paths of opportunity, gain clarity and move forward with confidence?

Investment: £95.00 per two to three hour session - three sessions are often enough to move you forward!

Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch – I love to meet up with potential clients for a coffee & chat in the first instance; it’s important to feel we’re right for each other.

Clarity & Confidence as a new Business Owner

I heard somewhere, a long time ago, something like this:

``If you’re ever looking for huge personal growth and self-development, become self-employed!``

I can only agree!

Working for myself has been a glorious, heady mix of excitement and, pit of the stomach, totally out of my comfort zone, rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like many self-employed, soloprenuer women, in order to do my thing, my way, I need to run my own business.

Whilst it was absolutely the best decision for me and I felt confident in the services I offered to clients, in the early days I struggled with some of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of ‘going it alone’.

In these sessions we will cover:

– How you can create a good pricing structure –

– How you can fill your diary with clients –

– How you can become known in your sector –

– How you can cope with the ‘competition’ –

– How you can fight the feeling of inexperience –

– How you can grow the business

– How you can plan and put together a strategy –

– How you can recover after a ‘wobble’, a knock to my confidence –

– How you can make up for the lack of energy and support from colleagues –

Investment: £95.00 per two to three hour session

Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch – I love to meet for coffee in the first instance to get to know each other better; it’s important we feel a connection.

Building your Business

I’ve invested in Business Coaching and Mentoring myself in the past.

It provided me with the building blocks to Dress Rehearsal as it is today.

Now, as a teacher and trainer myself, I have found it to be a seamless and natural progression to coach and mentor new and aspiring stylists.

I simply transfer these skills to coach and mentor other free-spirited women in business, too:

– sharing my own, personal, business building blocks

– raising confidence

– pricing

– creating a plan; a strategy

– growing business

– marketing on and offline

– networking

Investment: £95.00 Two to Three Hour session

Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch – I love to meet up for coffee to get to know each other; it’s important we feel a connection before deciding to work together.

Business Branding

Years ago I remember reading something like this in a magazine:

``You become a market leader when you no longer resemble your competitors``

This was music to my ears. I’ve never done things by the book – always been out there on my own. To me, those words said be yourself. Create your own brand. Woohoo!

It’s easy to understand the branding of a large scale, big name company, but it’s tougher when it’s just you, doing your thing.

I believe, branding for the solopreneur, is an intertwining of all that makes you who you are – your energy, your passion, your purpose, your personality – all wrapped up in a visual representation of you and your business offering:

  • Your ‘look’, how you dress; what you are ‘saying’ without saying a word – your unconscious radar if you like
  • Your communication – the ‘energy’ which introduces you before you even speak
  • Your connection with others and how you communicate when you do
  • Your business name – summing up YOU, YOUR PASSION, YOUR PURPOSE and the work you do – a simple expression for prospective clients to associate with
  • Your logo – or, like myself, with all other elements in place you may feel you do not need one
  • Your business cards and literature; colour and font choices, images, style

With a decade of experience in the colour and style industry, it really has been a natural progression to help women unravel their own small business branding.

With more and more information available for the consumer to read and take in, especially on social media, it’s becoming increasingly important to separate your solopreneur self from the crowd – to stand out from your competitors:

  • Choose the colour which expresses you and the way you do business
  • Choose the fonts which align to you and your unique business.
  • Put together your own business cards and literature
  • Choose photographs and images to show who you are
  • Communicate your message without saying a word – on your website, on your business cards, on business literature, on social media

Our energy, our Personal Style introduces us before we even speak.

It tells people who we are and how we operate in the world. Appearing creative, efficient, calm, fun – whoever we are – communicates exactly that to our clients or prospective clients before we say a word.

I can help you express you and your business through:

  • clothing choices – colours and styles which express you and your brand
  • accessorising
  • putting together a capsule wardrobe for your working life – easy, grab and go dressing
  • defining your working life and personal life wardrobes
  • feeling both proud of and confident in yourself and, therefore your business

Investment: £95.00 per two hour session

Please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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